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Second Chance Business Coalition

(SCBC) is a cross-sector coalition of large private-sector firms committed to expanding second chance hiring and advancement practices within their companies.

SHRM-Society For Human Resources Management

SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor Jr. discusses the business case for hiring people with criminal records.

Business Roundtable

They spend and invest over $7 trillion a year, helping sustain and grow tens of thousands of communities and millions of medium- and small-sized businesses.

Pivot Program

The Georgetown University Pivot Program is a business and entrepreneurship-oriented reentry program, delivered by Georgetown University in partnership with the DC Department of Employment Services

Stand Together

Stand Together empowers people dedicated to helping others improve their lives.

The Case for Second Chance Employment

Resources to understand and explain the benefits of second chance hiring and advancement programs to companies, employees and candidates.

SHRM Free Training Certification

Getting Talent Back To Work

Employer Training Grant

NextLevel Jobs Indiana

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