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About Us

The Indiana Reentry Corporation (IRC), founded by Tammy Scudder, is dedicated to guiding the reintegration journey for individuals transitioning back into society after incarceration, with a special emphasis on supporting women while also being inclusive of men. Tammy, leveraging her own challenging experiences with reentry and the barriers she faced in finding employment that matched her extensive 30-year skill set, established IRC to address the gaps in support and resources that she encountered. At IRC, we firmly believe in the power of second chances and providing the necessary resources for individuals to rebuild their lives. Our mission is fueled by a vision of fostering a rehabilitative culture that prioritizes family reunification and empowers individuals, especially women, to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. We offer comprehensive support, tailored to the unique challenges faced by those reentering society, which includes access to housing, healthcare, mental health services, and essential public benefits, ensuring a holistic approach to reintegration.

Our Vision

At Indiana Reentry Corporation, our vision is fervently centered on empowering women as they navigate the complex path of reintegrating into society, while also providing inclusive support to men. We are committed to leading the way in creating employment opportunities, with a particular focus on preparing women to excel in the workforce when they are ready.


At Indiana Reentry Corporation, our culture is defined by a deep commitment to professionalism, sensitivity, efficiency, collaboration, an apolitical stance, client focus, and data-driven decision-making, with a special emphasis on supporting women while also being inclusive of all clients. Our environment is crafted to reflect these core values, guiding our operations each day.

Who We Are

Recognizing the profound societal and economic costs of incarceration, we are committed to developing
effective reentry programs that alleviate financial burdens and enhance community safety. Our strategies
emphasize efficient program management and the delivery of high-quality services, with a focus on
empowering women through gainful employment opportunities, while also extending vital services to men.

Employment is a cornerstone of successful reintegration. IRC places a premium on job training, employment
counseling, and placement initiatives, particularly in fields where women can significantly contribute and excel.
Through partnerships with local non-profits, government entities, and other strategic alliances, we ensure that
our participants—especially women—have the resources and support needed to secure meaningful
employment and thrive in the workforce.

The roots of IRC trace back to a pilot reentry model launched in Hudson County/Jersey City in 2014, which
demonstrated the profound benefits of focused community reintegration programs. This model, which
fostered collaborations across various sectors, highlighted the effectiveness of our approach in supporting both
women and men on their path to reintegration.

Our Mission

At the Indiana Reentry Corporation (IRC), we are dedicated to empowering women during their reentry from incarceration by providing essential support, tools, and resources to navigate their reintegration successfully. Our mission focuses on creating a supportive environment tailored to the unique challenges faced by women, while also accommodating the needs of men. Our comprehensive services, which include personalized assessments and programs in employment, healthcare, education, and family reunification, aim to reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and foster community vitality. Committed to the transformative power of second chances, IRC works to ensure every individual we serve has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Value

At Indiana Reentry Corporation (IRC), our values are shaped with a strong focus on supporting women as they navigate reentry from incarceration, while still accommodating the needs of all clients

Empowerment Through Second Chances

We advocate passionately for the empowerment of women through second chances, promoting their successful reintegration and rehabilitation back into society.

Employment Empowerment

Our programs are designed to prepare women for the workforce by equipping them with necessary skills and support, ensuring they are employment-ready and poised for success.

Holistic Well-being

Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by women, we focus on achieving holistic well-being through support for sobriety, physical and mental health, and overall life stability—key factors in maintaining meaningful employment.

Individualized Focus

We customize our services to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each woman, acknowledging the diversity of experiences and challenges they face during reentry.

Efficiency in Transition

We strive for efficiency, recognizing that time is critical for our clients eager to restart their lives. Our goal is to facilitate a swift and smooth transition back into the workforce for women.

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