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Empowering Reentry: Second Chances, New Beginnings Ahead

At IRC, we believe in the power of second chances. Founded by Tammy Scudder, our organization is dedicated to guiding individuals through the reintegration process after incarceration, with a special focus on supporting women while also being inclusive of men.
Holistic Well-being

Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by women, we focus on achieving holistic well-being through support for sobriety, physical and mental health, and overall life stability—key factors in maintaining meaningful employment.

Comprehensive Support

We understand that women require a spectrum of support. Our services integrate career guidance with life skills and personal development, helping women piece together all aspects of a fresh start.

Empowerment Employment

Our programs are designed to prepare women for the workforce by equipping them with necessary skills and support, ensuring they are employment-ready and poised for success.

Transforming Lives Through Reentry and Employment

The Indiana Reentry Corporation (IRC), founded by Tammy Scudder, is dedicated to guiding the reintegration journey for individuals transitioning back into society after incarceration, with a special emphasis on supporting women while also being inclusive of men. Tammy, leveraging her own challenging experiences with reentry and the barriers she faced in finding employment that matched her extensive 30-year skill set, established IRC to address the gaps in support and resources that she encountered.

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on creating a supportive environment tailored to the unique challenges faced by women, while also accommodating the needs of men.

Our Vision

At Indiana Reentry Corporation, our vision is fervently centered on empowering women as they navigate the complex path of reintegrating into society, while also providing inclusive support to men.

Reasons to Choose Our Reentry Resources

Choose us for expertise in reentry, comprehensive support, empowerment through opportunities, holistic approach, commitment to results, and positive community impact.


Our team has extensive experience in reentry support.

Dedicated Staff

Our team is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients.

Customer Support

We offer a wide range of services tailored to individual needs.


We prioritize the needs and goals of each individual.

Our resources encompass housing, healthcare, employment assistance, counseling, and community partnerships tailored to support successful reintegration after incarceration.


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Strategies and Treatment

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How does the Indiana Reentry Corporation contribute to empowering success?

At the Indiana Reentry Corporation (IRC), we prioritize supporting women returning from jail or prison, while also providing inclusive services that address the needs of all individuals. Our services are specially designed to support women in their unique challenges during reentry and help them successfully transition back into society.

Meet Our Dedicated Reentry Support Team

Dr. Gloria Bachmann

Dr. Gloria Bachmann

Director, Medical

Robert Carter

Robert Carter

Chief Operating Officer

Rahat Chatha

Rahat Chatha

General Council

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

John D.

Thanks to Indiana Reentry Corporation, I found hope after incarceration. Their guidance and resources empowered me to rebuild my life with dignity.

Emily S.

IRC's dedication to helping women like me navigate reentry challenges is remarkable. They provided me with the support and opportunities I needed to succeed.

Michael R.

The comprehensive assistance I received from IRC made all the difference. From job training to mental health support, they truly care about their clients' success.

Lisa H.

Choosing IRC was the best decision I made post-incarceration. Their holistic approach and genuine commitment to second chances helped me thrive in my new life.

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